The story so far...

Our Senior Advisers, Robert and Doug, established their professional connection while working for a large, multi-national corporate.

From different areas of the business, they found themselves collaborating on a project that created great outcomes for the organisation. That experience also proved to be the catalyst for what was to come. Robert and Doug realised the complementary nature of their skills and a unique approach to creating value through sustainable growth driven by purpose meant they could deliver similar results for other businesses.

Fast forward a few years, and together at GrowthCatalyst, they help businesses create the foundation for sustainable growth. The ultimate benefit for businesses that engage GrowthCatalyst is something money can't buy: time.

Robert Olney

Over a long and successful career in professional financial services, Robert has gained a deep understanding of what differentiates a great business from a simply good one.

His observations have come from dealing with clients across many industries and of different sizes, and he believes the differentiators are agnostic - they apply to all businesses that have achieved significant and sustained growth.

He has witnessed a common denominator in successful businesses: leaders are focused on continuous improvement, applying appropriate strategic thinking to the achievement of sustainable growth outcomes. Common across these leaders is a sharp focus on their organisation's purpose which they continually communicate internally and externally, creating deeper engagement with employees and clients.

Robert's passion is working with business owners and leaders with inquisitive growth mindsets and sharing his expertise in helping their businesses achieve sustainable growth.

He works with clients to help them clarify their organisation's purpose and embed a purpose-driven mindset in their businesses. Clients benefit from his ability to help them create a framework for validating all decision-making that drives them towards their growth objectives.

Robert holds a degree in economics, a graduate diploma in banking and finance, an advanced diploma in financial planning, and is a graduate of AICD and an Approved Adviser with the Advisory Board Centre.
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Phone: 0413 767 907

Doug Webber

During his career in corporate Australia, Doug’s leadership and change management skills were put to work in establishing and growing new business units and on reinvigorating others that had previously struggled to meet their potential.
He has seen the power of sustainable growth at close quarters and knows how to make it happen.
He has a deep understanding of strategy development and the ability to align multiple stakeholders to achieve sustainable growth outcomes.
Doug's focus is now on transferring this knowledge and expertise to business owners and leaders. In particular, he helps them define and embed their true purpose – their reason for existing beyond making money – enabling them to “do good while doing well”.
He holds a degree in economics, a graduate diploma in applied finance and a diploma in financial planning.
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Phone: 0418 487 731