Growth Booster
for Start-Ups

Is your business a start-up or in early-stage growth?

The "Growth Booster" program is designed for businesses just like yours.

If you're looking for a high-impact, low-cost way to add to your business skills, this is it.



The Growth Booster program comprises six modules that can be completed over six or nine months, depending on your circumstances. By participating in the program, you'll develop the skills needed to confidently build the foundations for business growth that's sustainable over time.


During the program, your GrowthCatalyst adviser will work through each module with you and, most importantly, keep you on track and accountable for executing your action plans.


Program Outcomes
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The Growth Booster program is dedicated to helping you grow your business. The emphasis is on growth that is sustainable - that is, relatively consistent, repeatable and predictable.

During the program, you will:

1. Create a clear framework for purpose-driven decision-making in your business;

2. Detail the characteristics of your "ideal" client and how to source them;

3. Develop a two-page business and action plan;

4. Align your strategy and action plans to your business purpose;

5. Identify milestones you must achieve to meet your longer-term growth objectives.

Each module comprises a 60 or 90-minute virtual meeting during which you'll work through a range of structured activities. You'll commit to measurable actions to be completed in preparation for the following module, and your GrowthCatalyst adviser will check in with you between modules to lend a hand and keep you on track. Think of your adviser as your "accountability buddy".

You can start the program at any time and pay as you go to minimise the impact on cash flow.

We know from experience that starting a business can be a lonely and uncertain experience. The Growth Booster program will take away some of the anxiety and sense of isolation that inevitably arises in start-up and early-stage businesses from time to time.

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