Sustainable Growth Analysis & Roadmap

The Sustainable Growth Analysis and Roadmap is a diagnostic tool designed to deliver exactly what it "says on the box" - clarity about how your business is positioned to meet its sustainable growth aspirations.




It will give you a different perspective on:


Client acquisition, engagement and retention;

Employee engagement;

Procedural effectiveness; and

Financial outcomes.




The Analysis: The analysis is built on a diagnostic process developed by GrowthCatalyst. It can be completed either online or face-to-face with a GrowthCatalyst adviser.

We also recommend involving a representative number of employees from across your business. This provides an indication of the depth of understanding among your employees of important business issues, including their awareness of strategy and their role in its success. It also allows them to contribute ideas, which is great for engagement


The Roadmap: As an outcome, you will receive an in-depth report highlighting the “tailwinds” to growth and the “roadblocks” inhibiting progress. It contains detailed recommendations and actions to help you create your framework for sustainable growth.

Your report highlights what's going well in the business. Often, the very things that work in a business aren't kept in focus. We figure if you know exactly what customers and employees value, you'd want to be doing more of those things.


GrowthCatalyst will work with your business to help prioritise then implement the recommendations made.