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Helping business owners and leaders feel safe

"This year, we've increased our revenue by 52%.

The only thing we've done differently is to work with GrowthCatalyst and take their advice. I've also engaged Robert and Doug as our initial Advisory Board.

We're now clear on our purpose, and it drives everything we do from strategy, to business plans, and the execution of those plans.

GrowthCatalyst does incredibly important work for SME's"

Harold Hall, Director, Lexington Advocates

Align your business purpose, vision and strategy.

That's where sustainable business growth starts.

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Imagine a future where your business purpose, vision, and strategy seamlessly align, creating a robust foundation for consistent, repeatable, and predictable growth. 

It doesn’t have to be a dream; it can be a reality that will transform your business and empower you to make confident decisions, helping you achieve your growth aspirations.


Every business has a unique purpose, the driving force that sets you apart in the eyes of your clients and employees. At GrowthCatalyst, we understand the significance of your business purpose, and we're here to partner with you in clarifying it and aligning it with your growth strategy.


A crystal-clear business purpose isn't just a concept; it's the catalyst for innovation, enhanced employee and client engagement, and a formidable competitive advantage, all leading to sustainable, long-term growth.


With GrowthCatalyst advisers by your side, you'll weave sustainable growth into the very DNA of your business. Don't settle for mediocrity; let us help you unleash your business's full potential for a future defined by prosperity and success.

Tell us your growth story.

Would you like immediate feedback on the strength of purpose in your business?

Take our free 5-minute Pulse Check now.

Derry Sani / Donny Sudijanto
Founders: Salisbury International

"Working with GrowthCatalyst makes us feel safe.


Like many business owners, we know "what" we do and "how" we do things, but the big-ticket item for us is getting to the root of our purpose..."why" we exist. With the guidance of GrowthCatalyst's purpose workshop we have immediately experienced progress with our focus, increased passion on our goals and clarity.

We highly recommend businesses seeking a solid foundation for sustainable growth to have a chat with GrowthCatalyst.

A big thank you to Doug and Rob for your invaluable service, time and expertise to work with us as we establish our new company and prepare for the journey ahead."

What can you expect as a client of GrowthCatalyst?


When you partner with GrowthCatalyst, you gain access to a team of dedicated experts in purpose-driven strategy and business planning, all with a singular focus: your success.

Our advisors will immerse themselves in your business, forming a deep understanding of your unique needs. They'll then craft, execute, and support the implementation of custom-tailored solutions designed to yield measurable results.


Whether you're an established business, a dynamic startup, or an ambitious early-stage venture, we're here to help you crystalise your business purpose and ensure alignment between your vision, strategy, and day-to-day operations.

Tell us your growth story.

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