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GrowthCatalyst is a founding partner of Konektis.

Konektis provides clients with a multi-discipline, integrated and "one-strategy" advisory capability.


It was established based on market feedback indicating the traditional, piecemeal approach to advice leads to strategic misalignment which inhibits the ability of a business to truly thrive.

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The other Konektis founding partner firms are:


Rutherford HR provides people solutions for organisations navigating change, including growth, disruption, or new strategic directions.

Business Continuum comprises a team of Solutions Advisers and Product Specialists who work with businesses to customise software to meet their workflow needs, resulting in happier employees and customers.

People Co helps businesses solve people challenges and unlock opportunities by creating better employee experiences. The aim is to create an environment where policies and programs don't limit teams, but bring out the best in them. 

Catalyst Content is a B2B digital marketing agency whose objective is to connect businesses with their ideal customers. They aim to create greater brand awareness, get you more leads and achieve better sales outcomes.

Wealth Health aims to educate individuals, including business owners, on the intricacies of personal finance. Not a financial adviser but a mentor whose prime objective is to equip clients with down-to-earth financial knowledge and with the right questions to ask (and answers to look for) when the time comes to speak with an adviser.

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