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Your questions

  • Why should we work with GrowthCatalyst? What can you do for us?
    We specialise in helping businesses achieve sustainable growth - growth that's reasonably predictable, consistent and repeatable - through purpose-driven strategies and effective business planning. We know business owners want to feel safe in their decision-making and that starts with clarity of business purpose, driving engaged clients and employees. If you need a strong foundation for growth in your business, give us a call or drop us a note.
  • What is purpose-driven strategy and why is it important for business growth?
    A purpose-driven strategy helps align your business with the fundamental reason it exists beyond the pursuit of profit, making it more appealing to clients and investors as well as helping engage employees. It fosters resilience, innovation and long-term growth by creating a clear sense of direction.
  • What are the proven benefits of being a genuinely purpose-driven business?
    Consumers have a strong and growing preference to deal with businesses that can demonstrate a real commitment to a purpose. There is also evidence showing these consumers are prepared to pay more for the products and services of those businesses. Employees in purpose-driven businesses are known to be more highly engaged and productive than those in businesses where purpose is not a priority. Talent is also easier to attract and retain. Purpose-driven businesses have also proven to be better performers financially over the long-term. There's more to it, but those are the highlights.
  • I've heard about business purpose, but isn't it just the latest management fad?
    There's no doubt that purpose is a growing area of interest in the business community. But it's far from being a fad. A truly purpose-driven business creates a stronger emotional connection with its clients, who'll support that business through good times and bad. Likewise with employees. When they can see and understand their contribution to a bigger picture, they're likely to be more productive than they'd otherwise be. That adds up to more sustainable growth over time and enhanced financial outcomes.
  • How can you help my business create a purpose-driven strategy?
    We work closely with you to identify and embed your core purpose then develop a comprehensive strategy closely aligned to that purpose. This becomes the foundation for long-term sustainable growth. It's also important that business and action plans line up with your strategy and purpose and this is part of what we can do for you. The starting point for this is the "Sustainable Growth Profiler".
  • What is the "sustainable growth profiler"?
    The GrowthCatalyst Sustainable Growth Profiler is a proprietary tool that provides insights into what your business is already doing well (and should do more of) and where improvements can be made. The process and outcomes allow you to make more informed decisions that align with and help you achieve your longer-term growth aspirations.
  • Does it matter what industry my business is in?
    That's a definite "no". What we do translates across pretty much any industry you'd care to name. What's important is your growth aspirations. If you're having difficulty getting to the next level, that's when we can help you.
  • How do you help businesses implement and execute their growth strategies?
    Strategic planning doesn't start and finish with a few senior people in a conference room. If you accept that strategic plans impact everyone in the business, then everyone needs to be on board. We provide ongoing support to ensure your strategy is effectively implemented and that your employees are aligned with your growth objectives. A recommendation we frequently make is for businesses to establish an Advisory Board to help navigate the many challenges associated with executing strategy well.
  • Does business planning need to be such a chore?
    Absolutely not. Part of the issue here is creating a business plan that's "fit for purpose". You see, we think there's two main types of business plan. One is the big, multi-chapter document that you'd need when your business is looking for funding or investors. The other is more useful on a day-to-day basis and sets out the shorter-term activities the business needs to undertake to meet its growth aspirations. If you have your strategy agreed and on track, then creating this type of business plan should be a relative breeze. We can facilitate workshops and provide templates to help.
  • How does GrowthCatalyst charge for its services?
    Pricing is tailored to your unique needs. To work that out with you, we'll have initial conversation with you free of charge. That's when we can gather some basic data about your business, give you more information about us and jointly decide how (or indeed, if) we might work together. Depending on what's required, we'll quote a single price for delivery of a particular piece of work, a daily rate for workshops, project management fees or a combination of all three.
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