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Do you know the characteristics of your "ideal" client? Is that profile front and centre of your client acquisition strategy?

Do you know why your best clients chose to deal with you? And why they continue to deal with you?



With the answers to these questions, it's easy to create what every business needs: a steady supply of the right clients buying the right products and services for the right price. 

And, as a result, stronger and more consistent financial outcomes.

With GrowthCatalyst's client-focused tools and processes, you can build a detailed ideal client profile, maintain regular touch points with clients to gauge their level of engagement and ensure your product and service offer is on the mark.

The starting point is a client survey designed to collect crucial behavioural information about your client base. You'll receive a report detailing findings and recommendations for enhancing engagement among existing clients and attracting new clients to your business.

After all, you never truly know what your clients think about your business until you ask them...

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